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Automated defect inspection for 4”, 6” and 8” unpatterned wafers

The AWX™ FSI 200 is a fully automatic inspection tool detecting particles, scratches, area defect and micro-roughness (haze) on unpatterned wafers. The tool is equipped with one or two FSI darkfield laser inspection module(s), one dual-blade robot, pre-aligner and up to two open cassette loadports. The automated handling of different open cassette types and a pre-aligner allows wide flexibility for using this tool in various environments from R&D, production and quality assurance. The AWX inspection tool can handle 4”, 6” and/or 8” wafers enabling automatic wafer sorting based on inspection results.

  • 4”, 6 and 8” wafers
  • Up to two open cassette loadports
  • Bridge tool capability
  • Up to two inspection modules
  • Prealigner
  • Edge clamp for transparent wafers
  • Automatic Defect Classification
  • Two different diode laser sources available: 405 nm for high sensitivity down to 68 nm; 635 nm for high throughput up to 150 WPH (6” wafers, 200 nm sensitivity)
  • Monitoring of process tools
  • Inspection of epitaxial processes for compound semiconductor applications
  • Outgoing/incoming quality control
  • Different wafer substrates, materials and sizes can be measured: Silicon, films on Silicon, epitaxial layers, compound semiconductors, glass wafers