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ARTIST® real-time fault detection and classification software enables development of human-readable models based on engineering experience.

ARTIST has been replaced by Equipment Sentinel.

These models can be applied across processes and even across tool types. By analyzing both real-time and historical data, ARTIST frees users from manual monitoring of equipment and processes. When a model detects a condition, the system can respond by simple notification or taking action on the tool. The robust, scalable ARTIST system architecture is flexible enough to use in a variety of high tech manufacturing environments to gain insight into any process.

ARTIST is currently monitoring thousands of tools in hundreds of different process areas 24x7 worldwide.

ARTIST is designed to:

  • Minimize misprocessing and rework
  • Enable PM precision and cycle reduction
  • Reduce cost of ownership (COO)
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime (MTTR) and increase equipment uptime
  • Reduce test/qual wafers
  • Reduce consumables
  • Capture engineering "best known methods"