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When a typing error can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, it is important to have a proven, robust software to automate factory functions.

AutoShell® software tools provide a reusable framework for factory automation, enabling operators, factory equipment and all factory systems (MES, APC, SPC, YMS) to communicate. The flow of factory data is coordinated between all factory systems accurately, quickly and reliably to achieve production goals. With 6,000+ tools in production on 500+ tool types, AutoShell has established a reputation for unsurpassed reliability with 99.88% uptime.

Available with or without Rudolph software consulting services, AutoShell enables consumers of factory information to react quickly and decisively to impending problems.

AutoShell is designed to:

  • Create complex control applications that interface to tools and external resources with a standard high-level API using AutoShell
  • Develop graphical operator interfaces or link in operator interfaces developed with other tools
  • Port automation applications easily between different platforms
  • Ensure that all factory systems communicate to verify that material is processed in the correct sequence and errors are reported before material is irreversibly damaged