For data storage manufacturers

Probe Card Test and Analysis

In data storage, validating the components prior to assembly is critical. Testing these complex structures can be challenging and requires very precise probe cards. Validating these probe cards are in optimum condition before starting a test is critical. The probe card analysis system can validate critical card metrics such as tip position, tip size, tip planarity, CRES, and electrical continuity. In cases where the card is not meeting performance specification repairs may be performed such as tip adjustment or card cleaning, thus returning the card quickly to a production state.


Probe Card Interface

Acting as the interface between the probe card tester and the probe card, the Probe Card Interface (motherboard) is critical in simulating the tester interface on the test floor. Rudolph Technologies' engineers carefully consider probe card, tester, prober, probing process and probe card analyzer configuration details to produce an interface design that will provide precise and consistent measurement results.

PrecisionWoRx VX4

Efficient probe card test, analysis, and rework for fine pitch, small array probe cards

Probe Card Interface

Customer and application-specific mechanical and electrical interfaces that are critical for the probe card test and analysis process