JetStep G35 System

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JetStep G35 System

High resolution imaging; a step-and-repeat photolithography panel printer for display products

Designed for flexibility, the JetStep® G35 System utilizes a family of high performance projection lenses to enable high-resolution imaging as low as 2.5µm or up to 5µm under actual manufacturing conditions. A high power lamp provides an increased illumination intensity. Both image field stitching error and total overlay accuracy are specified to meet the most stringent production requirements on up to generation 3.5 substrates.

  G35 System
System Configuration  
Substrate Up to Gen 3.5
Lens Type 8010ghi(i)/16005(i)
Reduction Ratio 2x/1x
Image Field Diameter 80mm/160mm
Depth of Focus 15µm/30µm
Minimum Feature 2.5µm/5.0µm L/S
Overlay <0.5µm/<1.0µm
Stitching <0.5µm/<0.75µm


  • High-fidelity projection lens and illumination system
  • Automated reticle handling and storage system
  • 6 degrees of freedom reticle chuck
  • Fast reticle exchange
  • Trainable machine vision to acquire alignment targets from previous layers for superior overlay
  • Precision X-Y stage
  • High velocity laser interferometer
  • On board metrology package to self calibrate system at user defined intervals
  • Real time autofocus at every exposure site
  • Automatic magnification adjustment
  • Auto calibration