JetStep G45 System

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JetStep G45 System

High Resolution Imaging; a step-and-repeat lithography panel printer

The JetStep® G45 System addresses the demanding requirements of the mobile display industry. Based on established stepper technology, the G45 System combines optimized performance capabilities with superior cost-of-ownership in a Gen 4.5 configuration. When combined with the system’s high speed frictionless motion, throughput is improved by as much as 30% over competing technologies. The System also features a small footprint and low-cost reticles for an affordable manufacturing process.

  G45 System
System Configuration  
Substrate Up to Gen 4.5
Lens Type 20015i/20009i
Reduction Ratio 1.25x
Image Field Diameter 200mm
Depth of Focus 9µm/20µm
Minimum Feature 1.5µm/2.5µm L/S
Overlay <0.5µm
Stitching <0.5µm


  • High-fidelity projection lens and illumination system
  • Automated reticle handling and storage system
  • 6 degrees of freedom reticle chuck
  • Fast reticle exchange
  • Automated brightfield cross-based substrate alignment system
  • Precision X-Y stage
  • High velocity laser interferometer
  • Metrology sensors
  • Fast real time focus speed
  • Automatic magnification adjustment
  • Auto calibration

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