for the LED industry

As the illumination industry transitions from incandescent illumination to more power-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED), manufactures must aggressively reduce product cost and increase wavelength consistency and quality to capture market share

Advanced manufacturing control techniques (inline defect inspection, automatic defect classification, source analysis) are required to increase die size while reducing defect densities.

Rudolph Technologies NSX® Series is designed to meet the unique challenges of LED inspection; including bare wafer inspection, unique substrate automation, high die count, sawn wafer inspection, severe die rotation, partial wafer inspection, reconstituted wafer inspection, and completed package inspection. The product line offers a single source inspection solution from incoming to finish product positioned with advanced resolutions required to detect the defects of interest at a low cost of ownership.

NSX 220

Automated defect inspection for MEMS, LED and Semiconductors