NSX 220

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NSX 220

Designed specifically for semiconductor, LED and MEMS manufacturers looking for exceptional cost of ownership for back-end macro defect inspection for wafers up to 300mm in size

The NSX® 220 System is a streamlined version of the NSX 320 System, designed to provide automatic defect inspection at a low price point for traditional back-end manufacturing who do not need the added capabilities of the NSX 320 System for advanced packaging. Completely revolutionized from the previous generation of NSX equipment, the NSX 220 System leverages the established NSX 320 System innovations including its state-of-the-art hardware and software platform to optimize productivity and minimize the need for operator assistance

The automated macro defect inspection system uses gray-scale image analysis (with color image capture) to provide fast, accurate inspection and metrology in final manufacturing applications for wafers up to 300mm in size. It can detect traditional advanced macro defects such as scratches, mechanical damage, foreign materials, voids and probe damage, while also performing two-dimensional measurements on bumps, probe marks and edge trim processes.

  • Choice of inspection platforms with hard-anodized finish which can accommodate 100mm to 300mm whole wafers
  • The objective turret provides flexibility for inspection applications requiring both high throughput and high resolution. The standard turret assembly includes three (3) objectives, although it can accommodate five (5) objectives. Other slots may be populated with purchasable additional objectives. Objective options include 1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X and 20X.
  • The 2D defect and metrology verification standard is designed to verify system functionality and repeatability
  • Programmable light tower
  • Standard docking module
  • Recipe sharing