JetStep S Series

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JetStep S Series

Combining LCD manufacturing and advanced packaging features and requirements to create a unique lithography solution for advanced packaging applications on square or rectangular substrates (panels). 

As advanced packaging facilities transition some of their manufacturing processes from wafers to square or rectangular substrates, the JetStep® S Series lithography stepper is fully capable of handling substrates up to Gen 3.5 (approximately 650mm x 720mm. Manufacturing of fan-out packages on large substrates is a natural evolution in the pursuit of improved cost of ownership (economy of scale). The JetStep System offers high throughput due to a large field of view and increased yield due to its on-the-fly autofocus capability. Productivity of the JetStep System is maximized in part by its sophisticated onboard reticle library including a six-second reticle change out wheel.

Designed for Advanced Packaging Applications:
WLCSP                   Solder Bump                   Gold Bump
Cu Pillar Bump      RDL/UBM                        Fan-out (FOWLP) / eWLB
TSV                          Interposers                      Non-standard substrates

• Large field of view – fewer exposure shots per wafer
• 30 reticle library – increased throughput, lower reticle change-out time
• 4 reticle wheel – increased throughput, lower reticle change-out time
• 17mm working distance – top of the substrate to bottom of the lens – less outgassing effect and fewer PMs
• Single-sided telecentric lens – allows for automatic magnification compensation
• On the fly autofocus – exact focus on every exposure shot
• 2X reduction stepper – larger field of view, better reticle designs
• 2µm resolution, 0.5um overlay – for state of the art Advanced Packaging requirements
• Programmable aperture blades – higher throughput, improved use of reticles
• Handling: expose all substrate types – square and rectangle silicon, glass, composite material
• Handling: expose all square or rectangular sizes up to Gen 3.5 (650mm x 720mm)
• Closed loop process control – real time recipe adjustments for improved overlay
• Superior depth of focus – exposure through thick photoresists