AMX 6000

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AMX 6000

An automated solution designed for front-end applications in mask shops and mask blank manufacturing

The AMX™ Series is a laser darkfield inspection tool designed for unpatterned mask inspection. It offers high throughput up to 45 mask blanks per hour and compact design. Typical applications are incoming quality inspection of mask blanks and continuous tool monitoring for particle adders during manufacturing of mask blanks, e.g. coaters, writers, etchers, cleaners.

  • Particle sensitivity down to 90nm LSE on ArCr
  • Diode laser wavelength 635nm or 405nm
  • Up to two inspection modules
  • Throughput up to 45 blanks/hour
  • Frontside and/or backside inspection
  • Various load port configurations:
  • Up to two Reticle SMIF Pod Openers (RSP)
  • EUV dual pod opener
  • Reticle flipper
  • Reticle turn table
  • Reticle stocker