Explorer Platform

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Explorer Platform

The Explorer® Inspection Platform delivers fast, accurate and reliable macro inspection with flexible configuration of multi-surface inspection capabilities.

The Explorer Platform allows individual systems to be configured with any combination of wafer front, back, and edge inspection module allowing the user to mix and match throughput and inspection type to best fit specific requirements and reduce cost-of-ownership.

The Explorer Platform is a modular approach to wafer inspection consisting of one or more inspection modules with brightfield and darkfield illumination, a substrate handler, and software that coordinates the activities.

  • Flexible configuration of wafer front, back, and edge inspection capabilities
  • Improved throughput up to 140 WPH depending on configuration
  • Supports two to three industry-standard loadports and up to three independently-configurable inspection modules
  • System utilization through intelligent wafer flows
  • Applications include immersion lithography, high-k, clean, etch and edge engineering R&D