Firefly Series

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Firefly Series

Sub-micron automatic defect inspection for wafers and panels

The new Firefly™ inspection series combines high resolution and superior throughput to drive fab yield and productivity. The system provides an automated inspection solution for high performance applications like FPGA, CPU/GPU and networking servers in addition to applications with low I/O counts: IC drivers, RF transceivers, wireless connectivity and MEMS. 

The platform, configurable for either wafer (round) or panel (rectangular) substrates, offers multiple imaging modes, including Rudolph’s patented Clearfind™ Technology, a technique for enabling a large process window to detect residue defects on metal and metal defects on organic layers. The combination of substrate flexibility, defect sensitivity and metrology in a single platform reduces capital investment requirements and provides a reliable pathway to transition from wafer to panel-based processes for applications requiring high I/O counts and multiple-chip integration, such as SoC with memory, wireless module and wide I/O memory.

Integration with Rudolph’s Discover® yield management system and automated defect classification quickly turns defect data into actionable process control, improves classification and reduces manual review. It enables our customers to develop, learn and analyze new processes reliably while significantly improving their product delivery time to market.


  • Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) / Fan-out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP)
  • 2.5D/Interposers
  • Embedded Die/Embedded Interposer
  • 3DIC
  • MEMS
  • Image Sensors (CIS)
  • Front-end Macro for Advanced IC nodes
  • Sub-micron sensitivity
  • Multiple on-the-fly focus systems for high resolution inspection
  • Round wafer (150mm-330mm) and rectangular substrate (up to 515mm x 515mm) support
  • Multiple illumination modes to capture a wide range of defect types.
  • Improve capture rate and reduce nuisance rate using Clearfind technology
  • Integrated metrology for overlay and critical dimension measurements
  • On-the-fly segmentation and CAD-based design rules algorithm for addressing inspection of varying redistribution lines
  • Wide format camera sensor enables high throughput
  • Waferless recipe creation using automated alignment and CAD import
  • High warpage handling solution
  • Tool matching and recipe sharing with common recipe server
  • Automated binning and classification to identify critical defects
  • Online and offline review capability