TrueADC Enterprise

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TrueADC Enterprise

TrueADC® Enterprise software harnesses the power of a dynamic defect library method to overcome the limitations and frustrations of traditional ADC.

TrueADC Enterprise ensures database lookup, classification, and a response to the tool occur before the tool has captured the next image. To enable consistent performance, TrueADC Enterprise allows recipe sharing and engineering control of operator classifications before entering the database. TrueADC offers scalability, high speed classification, and a straightforward recipe creation process.

TrueADC Enterprise is designed to:

  • Achieve the same high performance for standard TrueADC across your entire fab for SEM and optical review
  • Improve the efficiency of an expensive SEM by enabling TrueADC on your optical review station
  • Consolidate your multiple ADC packages into a single solution that serves your entire fab
  • Achieve a lower defect review cost of ownership with minimal impact to throughput of the inspection tool
  • Adapt to changing process requirements; extensive engineering resources are not required because TrueADC is scalable
  • Integrate into a fab's existing manual review process so operators do not need to be retrained
  • Spend less time on recipe creation and setup thanks to a standard recipe provided with the TrueADC installation
  • Use intuitive maintenance screens like interactive confusion matrices and defect distribution charts to automatically monitor the health of the engine
  • Support multiple wafer maps with the use of Rudolph's "plug-n-play" wafer maps
  • Optimize the TrueADC solution for maximum performance while automatically classifying as many defects as possible with a high level of accuracy