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In addition to offering a full suite of process control and analysis solutions, Rudolph Technologies offers consulting services to allow busy manufacturers to focus on production while we examine how to improve process. The Rudolph consulting services team has over twenty years of experience with hundreds of successful projects worldwide across multiple industries. With expertise that includes factory automation, yield management, data mining, fault detection and classification (FDC), recipe management, and run-to-run control, the Rudolph consulting services team specializes in presenting process optimization strategies to semiconductor segment.

  • Process Control Systems (run-to-run control): determine what process tools are critical to manufacturing process goals and what metrology systems need to be in place to provide process control feedback.
  • Equipment Monitoring and Fault Detection Systems: determine how out-of-control actions are handled, tool data collection, models used to detect faults, tool health monitor, virtual metrology models, and models to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Yield Management Systems: review available data, then analyze and present options to increase yield.
  • Recipe Management Systems: review how recipes are handled in the factory and determine if centralized or decentralized RMS is appropriate.
  • Equipment Automation and Data Collection Systems (Cell Control): review how data is collected and sent to analysis systems to affect improved process control and look for areas to decrease misprocessing due to operator errors.
  • Factory Database Structures: determine how the data from various factory databases interacts to achieve process control goals.