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The S3000S™ Metrology System is designed for in-line process control of 300mm advanced diffusion and fabwide thin film applications.

Its innovative optical design enables simultaneous measurement with multi-wavelength, multi-angle Focused Beam Ellipsometry (FBE) and deep ultraviolet reflectometry (DUVR), reducing measurement time and significantly increasing throughput over previous generations.

  • True fabwide capability for all single and multilayer FEOL and BEOL applications at the 32nm and 28nm nodes and beyond
  • Incorporates high-intensity, long-life laser light sources for superior measurement stability
  • Best in class tool-to-tool and fab-to-fab matching through intrinsic methods - no software correlation
  • Highly repeatable characterization of complex single and multilayer films
  • Small beam size enables measurements in test sites as small as 50x50 microns
  • Optional 190 DUV-reflectometer provides highly repeatable measurements for 193nm lithography processes and complex multilayer films
  • Optional wafer stress/bow (WSWB) for integrated measurements of film stress and wafer bow
  • Optional Cognex PatMAX® geometric pattern recognition software provides robust performance for wafers with extreme color variation or extremely low contrast
  • Optional MACControl module for one-step, uniform, non-destructive removal of AMC layer