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Discover Enterprise

From Detection to Decision—inline, all surface defect analysis and data management

Discover® Enterprise flexibly links to the process equipment of choice, has an outstanding record of high uptime, precisely correlates electrical and other test results to your inspection information, and links into your existing databases. With production experience in Memory, Logic, Microprocessor, ASIC, foundry, and LED, Discover Enterprise became the market leader in data management systems by flexibly integrating into the yield management strategy of its customers.

  • Multiple wafer map display options to meet various needs
  • Flexible reporting capabilities with charts for almost any data in the database, single-click export into Excel, and web hosting of reports for sharing information
  • Sophisticated analysis and correlation capabilities to help yield engineers quickly identify the root cause of yield impact problems
  • Handle data from the entire manufacturing supply chain: inspection, metrology, yield, etest, process equipment data, MES, customer third party and legacy systems
  • Built-in step-contribution analysis, clustering process, hot spot detection, automated signature analysis
  • Alignment of wafer maps from various data types: bare and pattern inspection as well as BIN and Etest
  • Designed to handle small die applications such as LED and automotive, 200K per wafer and up
  • Partial wafer processing (broken wafers) analysis and tracking
  • Commonality analysis to relate problems back to equipment
  • Provide statistical tools such as regression, t-test, Ca, Cpk, ANOVA and other methods
  • SPC capabilities for all the data sources with user-definable rules
  • Defect and Sort Spatial Pattern Recognition system designed to separate random from systemic yield loss
  • Visualization techniques necessary for root cause analysis
  • Secure access control method to allow for information sharing among customers
  • Paramount system up-time for un-interrupted information flow
  • Provide solutions in configurable modules for defect, sort, WIP, metrology, WAT(WET) and bitmap
  • Support all inspection tools and review tools on the fab floor