Yield Optimizer

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Yield Optimizer

Yield Optimizer™ Software is a powerful tool that analyzes the relationships between in-process metrology measurements and end-of-line yield and electrical test results.

It then will recommend changes to the in-process metrology targets to optimize the average end-of-line yield. Despite the highly complex algorithms employed to produce such tight predictive models, Yield Optimizer is easy to train and requires minimal engineering effort to install and set up. Customers have achieved increases in product yield up to 8% after making just a few of the metrology target adjustments recommended by the software.

Yield Optimizer is designed for:

  • Building accurate predictive models relating metrology measurements to yield and electrical test results
  • Helping re-center the process to optimize yield and reduce excursions
  • Identifying the most critical metrology measurements for controlling yield
  • Recommending changes to process targets that will optimize product yield and electrical test performance
  • Monitoring, learning, adjusting and updating continuously and automatically - based on real-time data feeds
  • Seamless integration with Discover Enterprise
  • Easy-to-use user interface